Best Aging-in-Place Upgrades for the Bathroom

Best aging in place upgrades for the  bathroom

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Planning to remodel a bathroom for accessibility to add aging-in-place upgrades for the bathroom? Here are a few pointers reflecting the latest ADA bath fixture regulations that may offer details and information to help guide your plans.

Grab Bars
Grab bar design
has improved in the last few years—you can now purchase bars from a wide array of styles, sizes and finishes.  If a friend or loved one is struggling with mobility in the bathroom, consider adding grab bars as one of your first aging-in-place upgrades for the bathroom. Stationary grab bars are permanently mounted to the wall or floor. Fold-up grab bars adjacent to the toilet rotate to pivot out of the way when not in use. Shower grab bars are located vertically or horizontally on one of the side walls to assist with getting in the shower, and then horizontally along the back wall for balance and support. Visit the Grab Bars page to learn more about grab bars for showers and bathrooms.

Spacious Bathroom Marietta, Lawrenceville, Atlanta aging in place

Spacious Accessible Bathroom

Roll-under and Wall Mounted Sinks
Roll-under and wall-mounted sink styles offer the greatest accessibility. Accessible sink fixtures have an easy-to-operate lever style handle that mixes hot and cold water, or two lever handles, according to your preference.  One popular roll-under sink solution is a semi-mount sink, placed with a cover to protect legs from hot pipes. Bathroom sinks are identified by how they are mounted. In addition to wall-mounted and semi-mounted sinks, there are also drop-in, under-counter, above-counter, integral and pedestal style sinks for your consideration, designed according to ADA guidelines, and essential elements in a universal design home.

Accessible Toilets
Toilet selection is dependent on the height that is desired for comfort, type of the toilet and the flushing action. Easy transfer toilets are available in three types: a raised-height toilet, a wall-hung toilet, or an in-wall tank toilet.

Doorway Widening
Doorway widening to 34” – 36” can be accomplished by removing the existing door unit, widening the framed opening, and installing a new wider door unit, often with an out-swinging door. A swing away offset door hinge is also an option which will increase the door width by 1.75″, often enough to provide the necessary width for a wheelchair or walker to pass through the doorway.

For more information about walk-in tubs, roll-in showers or other aging-in-place upgrades for the bathroom, visit our “Walk-In Tubs, Roll-In Showerspage at If you are interested in learning about stair lifts for the accessible home, visit the Atlanta Stair Lift site.