Aging in Place Upgrades for the Kitchen in Your Metro Atlanta Home

Facing some mobility challenges due to an accident or an illness and having difficulty managing in the kitchen? There are many helpful changes you can make to the kitchen area in your metro Atlanta home to facilitate cooking, dining and cleanup. Your handicap accessible kitchen can become everything you need it to be!


Generally, your accessible kitchen design should include ample floor space for mobility, ADA handicap accessible kitchen appliance access clearances, accessible cabinet doors, drawers and shelves; and a functional “work triangle”. The work triangle refers to the comfortable work space area created between the stove, the refrigerator, and the sink.  The sides of the triangle should be greater than four feet and under nine feet, with the outer limits of the triangle at a maximum of 26 feet.

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A happy birthday celebration in our Atlanta home.

Make an appointment with Atlanta Home Modifications for an in-home consultation to discuss how we may assist you in gaining a more pleasant and accessible home, or in the event you have a disabled or senior family member in your care. There are many aging in place upgrades that can be done to make your home more accessible, such as wheelchair accessible sinks with lever faucets, and ADA ovens and appliances. (*Photos courtesy of

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