Residential elevators effectively solve accessibility problems, particularly when the person is wheelchair or scooter bound and unable to transfer without a lift.

Home elevators are now considered a smart choice for home owners planning to “age in place” in homes they have long cherished and simply do not want to leave.

Requirements for a Home Elevator

When selecting a residential elevator, determine the weight and size of the person and equipment to be transported. Also determine:

  • Degree of mobility and weight of the individual to be transported
  • Spatial requirements for an elevator
  • Space availability and accessibility horizontally and vertically within the home
  • Number of stops/floors accessed by the elevator
  • Direction of entrance/exit to the elevator at each floor
  • Sufficient structural reinforcement and load capacity to support the equipment

Where to Locate a Home Elevator
Homeowners often think they do not have the space for an elevator. However, our Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) is experienced in evaluating the interior and exterior of the home to determine a variety of options for elevator location. Typically, some rearrangement of spaces, or small additions are needed to incorporate an elevator into a home.  This will require planning for special needs, and a redesign of portions of the home to create greater independence and freedom of movement

The Cost of a Residential Elevator
Home elevators effectively solve accessibility problems over the lifespan of the home as the occupants age. Home owners planning to “age in place” often include a vertical shaft space in new home plans. Elevators are increasingly valued and even expected in many higher-end dwellings. Our point? An elevator is often a good investment. Exact costs are very difficult to determine as there are many variables – contact us to schedule a complimentary home assessment with the installer, who will also provide general options and approximate cost estimates for you.

Universal Design Strategies
In new universal design construction, elevator space is planned as stacked closets with the added structural and electrical requirements roughed in to the original design of the new home, in a seamless and invisible manner. As 50+ seniors planning for the future, adding a residential elevator to your home in later years is far more cost-effective and convenient.

Atlanta Home Modifications, LLC  is uniquely equipped to assist you in planning the installation of a residential elevator for your home. We are aging in place (CAPS) certified, and experienced in architectural design and installation.


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    Four Unique Types of Home Elevators

    Two Stop: A two stop elevator (i.e. Savaria Telecab, wt. capacity 500 pounds, lift height 16 feet) that rides on a track supported by a load bearing wall and does not require a pit

    Two- Four Stop: A two-four stop home elevator enclosed in a shaft (i.e. Savaria V1504, wt. capacity 750 pounds, lift height 23 feet)

    Multi-stop: A multi-stop elevator that does not require a machine room (i.e. Savaria Eclipse, wt. capacity 750 pounds, lift height 50 feet)

    Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator: A Pneumatic Home Vacuum Elevator (PVE) is self supporting and uses minimal electricity as it employs gravity to descend. PVE offers three different models, ranging from single passenger to a three passenger, wheelchair-accessible model. Some of today’s popular home elevator brands include Symmetry, Garaventa, Savaria, Harmar and Waupaca.

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