Are you tired of dealing with the same unresolved issues in your bathroom such as cramped spaces, outdated colors or finishes, or an inaccessible tub or shower? Atlanta Home Modifications, LLC is an Atlanta bathroom remodel contractor that offers superior quality and exceptional craftmanship to give you a beautiful bathroom.

A well-planned and well executed bathroom remodeling project can have a profound impact on the daily life of the user. Our day often starts in the bathroom, why not spend those important minutes of the day in a beautiful, comfortable setting!

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Retaining a reliable Atlanta bathroom remodel contractor offers you the opportunity to change the specific things about your bathroom that in some cases may have bothered you for years.

New Updated Bathroom Fixtures & Finishes

A bathroom remodel will enable you to update your vanity, sinks, faucets, tub, or shower; replace flooring, add new lighting, more storage, new colors and more. Doing small upgrades such as adding needed storage, adding a drawered vanity or extra sink, replacing the toilet, faucets, showerhead, or even repairing tile can be done by us as well. 

A Beautiful New Bathroom Aesthetic

Remodeling your bathroom will also enable you to update and transform the aesthetic into something that will create peace and pleasure for you. Whether looking to add mobility or change the aesthetic in your bathroom, this trusted Atlanta bathroom remodel contractor is ready to assist.

Accessibility Options: Walk-In Tubs, Roll-In Showers & Grab Bars

Atlanta Home Modifications is an Atlanta bathroom remodeling company that also offers elegant accessibility options such as walk-in tubs, roll-in showers, grab bars and several other accessibility options. Upgrading the bathroom for an extra measure of safety is often a major customer concern.

One of the concerns homeowners often have when engaging a remodeling company is whether the remodeling process will uncover water damage or mildew due to constant and extended exposure to humidity. If there are any hidden issues of mold, mildew, or decay this will be remediated as part of the remodeling process.

Sustainable, Cost-effective Home Water Management

There are many benefits to upgrading bathroom fixtures such as toilets, vanities, faucets, and showerheads. Conscientious water management is important to both your budget, and the environment. Modern bathroom fixtures are water-efficient products that meet EPA criteria for efficacy and performance.

Approximately 50% of the water used in a home is dispensed through showers, toilets, and faucets. Choosing to replace these bathroom fixtures with energy saving products saves a significant amount of money.  Begin making that cost-effective investment by contacting a trusted Atlanta bathroom remodeling company, Atlanta Home Modifications.

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    Bathroom Design Tips For a Transformed Bathroom Oasis

    Custom Walk-In or Roll-In Shower

    Add a custom designed glass enclosed walk-in or roll-in shower for an open, modern aesthetic. You may love a soaking tub, but it may be time to consider a more practical and functional walk-in or roll-in shower. In fact, a walk-in shower the same size as a tub is quite luxurious. Be sure to add a bench for safety and a wall niche to the shower.

    Select a Stylish, Unique Vanity and Countertop

    Select a unique vanity to add personality, style and depth to your new bathroom. Evaluate the countertop height and storage capacity before you make a final selection. The bathroom vanity countertop options seem endless including quartz, granite and marble. Quartz is widely considered to be an excellent surface material over marble or granite. It is nonporous, making it less susceptible to bacteria. It resists scratches and requires less care and maintenance. However, marble outperforms quartz in heat resistance.

    Custom Tile vs. Prefabricated Units

    In a spacious bathroom you have the room to consider a variety of options including custom tile, one-piece prefabricated units, and modular surround systems. For smaller bathrooms a custom tile approach is often required. If your choice is custom tile, ask your Atlanta bathroom remodel contractor to extend the tile from the shower along the wall behind other fixtures for an attractive design aesthetic. You can also use matching tile as a baseboard for a cohesive feel across the space.

    Medicine Cabinet or Mirror?

    A tight space may dictate your choices, but there are some gorgeous medicine cabinets available today that combine beauty and practicality

    Hardware Considerations

    Match your hardware style wise and by finish for a coordinated aesthetic including shower head(s), faucets, towel hooks or bars, and outlet covers.

    Heated Floors Keep You Warm Year-Round

    Would you consider heated floors? You may consider this the ultimate luxury, but if you’re going to replace the tile it would be nice to have heated floors!

    As a trusted Atlanta bathroom remodel contractor, our goal is to design and install a beautiful and functional bathroom that not only meets your needs but lifts your spirits — an actual bathroom oasis where you can be relaxed and at peace. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss how you plan to use your bathroom and the distinctive features and fixtures you’d like it to have. Call (770) 880-3405 to schedule a complimentary assessment to discuss your options.