Atlanta Bathroom Remodel Contractor Page

Are you tired of dealing with the same unresolved issues in your bathroom such as cramped spaces, outdated colors or finishes, or an inaccessible tub or shower? Atlanta Home Modifications, LLC is an Atlanta bathroom remodel contractor that offers superior quality and exceptional craftmanship to give you a beautiful bathroom. A well-planned and well executed bathroom remodeling project can have a profound impact on the…

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Bathroom Grab Bars

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Best Aging in Place Bathroom Design for Atlanta Homes Blog Post

If you are trying to determine the best aging in place bathroom design options for your Atlanta home, an in-home assessment by a certified aging in place specialist (CAPS) will provide excellent guidance

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Best Aging-in-Place Upgrades for the Bathroom Blog Post

If a friend or loved one is struggling with mobility in the bathroom, consider adding grab bars as one of your first aging-in-place upgrades for the bathroom. Stationary grab bars are permanently mounted to the wall or floor. Fold-up grab bars adjacent to the toilet rotate to pivot out of the way when not in use. Shower grab bars are located vertically or horizontally on one of the side walls to assist with getting in the shower, and then horizontally along the back wall for balance and support.

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The Safe and Functional Accessible Bathroom Bathroom Remodels For the person with a disability, bathing and toileting may often present a challenge. In fact, sometimes it is exhausting just to take a bath! There are many home modifications which can be done to make bathroom use easy and safe.  It is necessary to follow specific guidelines for arrangement and placement of each fixture to make it...
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Should Our New Home be a Handicap Accessible Home? Blog Post

Are you preparing to design and build a new home; or are you planning to purchase a custom built home in a new home community? If you have been reading about recent home trends, you have probably heard about popular new handicap accessible home designs that employ “universal design” principles or “aging in place” design strategies. Atlanta Home Modifications, LLC provides accessible bathroom remodels in…

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Roll in Shower Norcross Homes Page

Showering should be an enjoyable experience, but when it's not because of disabilities or mobility challenges, a solution must be found. Atlanta Home Modifications wants you to know that, with a roll in shower for Norcross homes, your showering mobility problems can be solved! Some helpful features of a roll in shower include: Seamless entryway – Designed with safety and accessibility in mind, the shower...
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Roll in Shower Dunwoody Homes Page

A disability or other mobility challenge can make it difficult, stressful and potentially dangerous for a wheelchair bound person to get in and out of the shower. Atlanta Home Modifications recommends a roll in shower for Dunwoody residents who struggle with navigating a traditional shower. What can a roll in shower provide for you? Effortless accessibility – With a shower floor that is level with...
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Roll in Shower Smyrna Homes Page

There's no place like home. But what if home has become a challenge to navigate because of a mobility difficulty that requires the use of a wheelchair or other device? What if showering has become almost an impossibility? Let a roll in shower for Smyrna homes from Atlanta Home Modifications put some refreshing accessibility into your daily routine. How can a roll-in shower do this?...
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Roll in Shower Sandy Springs Homes Page

When you suffer from limited mobility, having to exert extra effort is less than desirable. Anything that increases weakness or threatens an injury is naturally avoided. Sometimes that strategy works. But that's not really an option when it comes to showering. Atlanta Home Modifications wants you to know that, with a roll in shower for Sandy Springs homes, the challenges and risks associated with showering...
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