We have a story we would like to share with you about our firsthand experience helping a loved one maintain mobility, safety and comfort while coping with the effects of aging.

In her early 80’s, my mother lived independently in a lovely residential community in the Lancaster County area of southeastern Pennsylvania. After two serious falls and a lung cancer diagnosis, Mom reached a point where she could no longer live on her own.  As an independent woman who had raised 8 children, it was difficult for her to consider the prospect of entering a nursing facility.

After some discussion, Mom accepted our invitation to come live with us here in Lawrenceville, Georgia.  We loaded her oxygen tanks and a few of her things into her car, and drove south. We later moved her furniture, photos and keepsakes down and she settled in. Her children visited her from far and wide, helping us to make Mom feel at home here in Georgia.

There were many medical challenges we faced together with Mother as she declined during the 18 months she lived with us.   We rearranged the furniture, added a ramp and modified her bathroom.  We acquired a walker, wheelchair, breathing apparatus, a hospital bed, and a variety of other things to help her maintain comfort in her last days.  We spent quite a few days and nights listening to her breathing and checking on her to be sure she was OK.

Throughout her stay with us she rarely passed up an opportunity to express her thankfulness to us and to others who were helping her.  While I cannot say the experience was an easy one, I can say that I was very grateful to have the resources and ability to make the last days of my mother’s life comfortable and safe.  She eventually passed away at home under hospice care, with her children and grandchildren at her side. Thankfully, by the grace of God, we had been able to provide a sanctuary for her in our home.

We have a heart for elderly and people with disabilities, and would sincerely like to assist you in creating a safe and comfortable home for yourself or a loved one.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story!

Elizabeth Greenewald, CAPS
Atlanta Home Modifications, LLC

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