If you have recently begun using a mobility device such as a scooter, wheelchair, or walker, you may suddenly realize that your home requires new handicap accessibility home renovations. Seemingly overnight you find that a door is too narrow, door hardware is too difficult to operate, or the bathroom is just too small.

Most homeowners prefer to modify their current home by completing a few handicap accessible home renovations rather than moving to a new home to solve these problems.  Atlanta Home Modifications is prepared to assist you with aging in place accessibility modifications such as doors, door openers, hardware upgrades, bathroom remodels, bathroom renovations and more.

Widening a doorway may be the solution to many accessibility problems, or part of a long-term plan to incorporate universal design features into your home.  Options for widening an existing doorway or creating better accessibility include the following:




  • Widen a door opening
  • Using swing away hinges
  • Reversing the door swing
  • Creating a cased opening
  • Removing doorstops
  • Adding a pocket, sliding or folding door
  • A well-lit home with glare-free lighting
  • Two lamp fixtures if one burns out
  • Three way back-lit rocker switches
  • Motion detecting floodlights
  • Lights on timers
  • Low light sensor fixtures
  • Slip resistant and non-glossy flooring
  • Matte-finished wood or laminate
  • Textured vinyl or a glazed ceramic tile
  • Even thresholds separating rooms
  • Smooth carpet transition to flooring
  • Smooth flooring and lower-pile carpet

Accessible Home Renovations: Doorway Widening
Doorway widening to 34” – 36” can be accomplished by removing the existing door unit, widening the framed opening, and installing a new wider door unit, often with an out-swinging door. A swing away offset door hinge is also an option which will increase the door width by 1.75″, often enough to provide the necessary width for a wheelchair or walker to pass through the doorway as handicap accessible home modifications are made.

Accessible Home Renovations: Electrical Features
Electrical features which are helpful in the bathroom include backlit rocker panel light switches, motion sensitive lights and fans, accessibly placed GFI outlets; and localized heating devices, for on-demand heating comfort.   As in every room of the house, good lighting and rocker panel light switches are user-friendly accessories that everyone enjoys.

Do you need other home accessibility options such as a stair lift, platform lift, walk in tub, or roll in shower? Contact us today for more information at 770-880-3405