50+ Seniors and Elderly Atlanta Residents Stay Safe With Fall Proofing Upgrades

Tripping and falling is typically an embarrassing thing to most people, but not life threatening. This isn’t true for 50+ seniors and the elderly. With weaker bones and slower reaction times, falls become actual life-threatening events. Fall prevention strategies and accessibility improvements in the home are often critical to ensure your safety, or the safety of a loved one.

Falling Danger
Falls happen a lot. Over one third of all people over 65 will have a severe fall each year. Out of those over 53% will require some form of medical care with a broken hip the most common and debilitating result from a fall. Worse, two thirds of those who fall become 2 to 3 times more prone to do so again.

Fall Prevention
Falls are generally caused by three factors: slipping on slick surfaces, tripping over objects, or sliding on unsecured flooring. The key to fall prevention is to remove these hazards.


Working Toward Independent Living

  • Flooring: Cover or replace slippery flooring. In addition, make sure rugs and carpets are securely tacked done.
  • Clutter: Work to keep things off floors by creating specific places for things often left on the floor like shoes.
  • Trip Hazards: Cover exposed electrical or phone/internet cables with rugs or secure them to the wall.
  • Slip Prevention: The bathroom should have grab bars installed especially in the shower. Stair steps should have non-skid pads put on each step.
  • Furniture: Keep furniture from creating bottlenecks which restrict movement. Consider swapping out wooden furniture for more softer materials.

Home Modifications–Ramps, Stairlifts and Bathroom Upgrades
Another significant preventative measure to help 50+ seniors and elderly Atlanta residents stay safe are home modifications including wheelchair ramps for homes, straight and curved stairlifts, and roll-in shower and walk-in bath installations. Would any of these give you the safety and security you need to be protected in your home?

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