Atlanta Walk-In Tubs — Ella’s Deluxe and Ella’s Soaking Walk-In Hydrotherapy Tubs

New residential construction markets are competing for the savvy aging-in-place and universal design customer by building homes equipped standard with walk-in tubs.

Our favorite model at Atlanta Home Modifications, LLC  is Ella’s Deluxe modelAtlantawalk-intubsella'sdeluxeella'ssoakingwalk-inhydrotherapytubs manufactured by  Ella’s Walk-In Tubs and equipped with 22 air and hydrotherapy jets. Every Ella’s model includes the same excellent warranty, ozone sterilization and an in-line water heater cymbalta price.

The warranty for all models is lifetime limited warranty on stainless steel frame, door, door seal, and tub shell; and five year warranty on parts.

Ozone sterilization is  an essential sterilizing feature and noted on the Ella’s website as follows: “A prominent feature on the Ella’s Deluxe is the Ozone Sterilization Generator. The Ozone Sterilization is a very effective sanitizer. It deodorizes and kills bacteria, viruses, microbes, and germs. Incredibly eco-friendly, ozone sterilization aids in keeping the tub clean. Ozone sterilization is controlled with push on/off button as needed during hydro massage.”

For more information regarding hydrotherapy, the following quote from the manufacturer’s website explains: “The Ella’s Deluxe strategically positioned 22 air and hydro therapy jets combined offers a more therapeutic bathing experience than traditional soaking baths. Combining the properties of air and hydro massage therapy, the Ella’s Deluxe tub features 12 hydro jets with an adjustable air flow control, an in-line water heater,10 air massage jets including 2 air jets built into the seat offering a unique and therapeutically beneficial bathing experience.  The hydro massage is turned on and off with push button ease, and the hydro massage water flow intensity function is controlled by turning the rotary control handle. This feature allows you to adjust the water flow to either a mild, or more intense massage experience. This is accomplished by adding or reducing air into the water stream.”

The Deluxe model size is 29.5” x 55” (59” with extension) x40”.  Ella’s Dual Drain Technology consists of:

  • Dual 2” brass & copper drains (compare to one 1.5” standard drain)
  • Two copper overflows for faster and reliable drainage
  • Operated by two stainless steel mechanical cables for reliability
  • Two separate extension drain handles for easier use operation
  • Approximate 80 second draining time, at tub capacity”

For more information about Ella’s Walk-In Tubs, and other assistive technology, contact Atlanta Home Modifications, LLC through our website, by email, or by telephone at 770.880.3405.