The Sterling 2000 Stairlift

The Sterling 2000 Curved Stair StairliftThe Sterling 2000 Stairlift is a well-known curved or switch back stairlift system offering a safe, comfortable and smooth ride. The Sterling 2000 curved stair lift may also include as options — a powered automatic hinge solution to prevent the track from blocking a doorway at the bottom of the stairs; and a powered folding footplate and to swivel the seat away from the stair at the top. A two year manufacturer’s parts warranty and a lifetime warranty on the gearbox and motor is standard.

The Sterling curved stair lift is custom designed to travel according to the shape of your stair, around walls, and corners. It is suited to a wide range of stair configurations. If you are interested in learning more about a Sterling curved stair lift for your metro Atlanta or North Georgia home, you may contact Atlanta Home Modifications, LLC.

A Sterling Stairlift Guide is available here. The Sterling 2000 provides a secure, trustworthy and comfortable solution to the challenge often presented by stairs in the home.