Flute Playing Made Easier For Persons with Disabilities

Musical Assistive Technology

Accessible Musical Instruments

Are you or a loved one interested in perfecting your flute playing expertise, but hindered by a disability? Visit http://www.flutelab.com/swan.html FluteLab is a Dutch company founded in 1986 by Maarten Visser. FluteLab specializes in making experimental flutes,  designed to change the angle of flute playing to reduce stress on your right shoulder, neck and left shoulder. From the website: “The Swan Neck is a flute head joint that has a bend of approximately 40 degrees. It is handmade from sterling silver, with a handcut embouchure. It comes in a small, very light instrument case, which also contains a thumb rest.” And, “When you play an ordinary flute, the asymmetry in your posture goes right down to your feet. When you play a swan neck flute, you will feel your feet planted firmly to the ground.” How wonderful! Visit www.flutelab.com for more information about obtaining an “accessible flute”.